Science Fiction writer


Lettie Prell

Most Recent Publications

"The Performance Artist," Apex Magazine, Issue #44. Read it here.

"The Performance Artist" also appears in the Book of Apex: Volume 4 anthology.

Other Stories

"Inside Job," Aiofe's Kiss.

“Wherever We Are,” a novelette serialized in Paranormal Underground Issues 3-6, Vol. 3, March – June 2010.

"Earth for Dummies" in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine issue # 35.


Lettie Prell is an associate member of SFWA.



Lettie Prell is a professional science fiction writer. She likes to explore the edge where humans and their technology are increasingly merging. She is also intensely interested in the implications of quantum mechanics and a world of infinite potential. Her work is available on Amazon and elsewhere.


On May 22, 2008 Lettie appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio with Eilleen Gunn and discussed WisCon feminist science fiction and more. Listen here.